“People in Western churches, and especially in North America, usually assume without thinking that the Great commission of Jesus is something to be carried out in other countries … But in fact the primary missions field for the Great Commission today is made up of the churches in Europe and North America.”

– Dallas Willard

Our Mission

Mountain Peak Ministries offers to equip, train and coach individuals, small groups and congregations to experience Christ as revealed on a Mountain Peak and return to the valley and live out their faith experience in active ministry. (See Matthew 17:1-9)

Our Ministries

Spiritual Direction / Vision Renewal / Church Transitions / Human Resources Management / Preaching, Teaching and Coaching / Marriage Preparation and Weddings.

Spiritual Direction

Mountain Peak Ministries offers support and direction in spiritual transformation using classic and modern spiritual practices and disciplines. (See Matthew 28:18-20)

Vision Renewal

Mountain Peak Ministries recognizes that people and organizations will perish without vision (See Proverbs 29:18) and offers visionary renewal with Ministry Audits & Needs Assessments; Mission Assessments; Development of Mission, Vision, Values, and Belief Statements; Workshops on Change and Objective Setting; Leadership Development and Coaching.

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